Long lost background

Was looking through my external and came upon this cute background I did for a freelance job a while back. They didn't end up using it but it was my favorite from all the concepts I did for them..might go back and push a few things but in general it made me smile..will post more from this project soon.

Golden Gate Park sketch

Haven't posted anything in a bit. I've been super busy with freelance work..Here is a quick study in my front yard, which is the beautiful Golden Gate Park! I seriously just have to walk across the street and I'm there :)

Halloween Family Portrait

 Halloween is my favorite holiday! I'm sad it is all over. It is a special day for me and my boyfriend as it is our anniversary, we've known each other for 12 years! I did this funny portrait of our little family in our costumes. Bosley, our grumpy cat, was a very good sport about it all.

Halloween Town characters


 Some of my favorite scary characters made cute :> 

Snow White and Rose Red Moment

This is the moment when the girls have to decide to save the evil dwarf from a gigantic hawk. This was my final piece for a class I was taking online taught by the super talented Armand Serrano. The class was predominately focused on environments, so I started out first designing the environment (the bottom image) then added the characters after..which changed everything :P I added the girls in the left foreground and changed the composition a bit. More stuff coming that I haven't had time to post yet.

Cabin II

Another quick cabin sketch from a photo from cabinporn.com. I was looking at Mike Yamada for inspiration.

Progress on Snow White and Rose Red

More progress work from a class I'm taking taught by Armand Serrano. The bottom one was my first sketch and the top one is the same moment redone after looking at other artists for reference.

Ipad Experiments

I finally went out to paint with my Ipad! Pretty fun but still need to invent something to combat the glare.

More experiments with painting on the Ipad hehe still working on it. I just saw Cloud Atlas and really liked it! A bit cheesy at times but interesting story and characters and Tom Hanks is one of my favorite people :)

Working on a new project

                           Some early sketches and ideations.

Material Studies from Ryan Lang's class

A fun assignment studying materials

Fashion Sketches

I like to do these while I ride the train. I look at street fashion blogs on my phone and draw simplified shapes in black and white.

City of Thieves Project

I just finished an awesome online class with Ryan Lang focusing on color and light. It was great! He was a wonderful teacher and I highly recommend his class to anyone :}

For our final project I chose to do a scene from City of Thieves By David Benioff. I'm very surprised someone hasn't made this book a movie yet! It is quite dark but has a good story and great character development. Supposedly the video game, Last of Us which just came out was inspired by the story..Crazy coincidence.  It actually is about two young men  but I simplified it to just one character, Lev to further show the feeling of isolation. I illustrated the moment when Lev comes upon a frozen Nazi solider in the woods.

Color studies from photos

I'm taking a class now with the amazing Disney artist, Ryan Lang. This was a fun assignment to study color harmonies. No eyedropping at all. It was quite hard but I learned so much, it was worth it.

Late night sketch revisited

I thought this image could use a little more love so I added some shadows and cleaned up the background mountains. 

Late Night Sketch

I've had this story rolling around in my thoughts for a while..I read it when I was 12 or so and recently re-read it. This is when the protagonist is driving from Kentucky to Arizona, this is the entrance to Monument Valley Park. 

Cabin 1

I recently discovered a website called cabinporn.com..Sounds like a sexy site but it is actually photos of cabins in remote areas from around the world. I looked through the site for a few hours..pretty amazing stuff! My favorites were from Scandinavia. It made me want a cabin! So I painted one instead, this is a simplified compilation of a few of cabins.

Trojan Map

Here are a few images of the map I made for a game called Trojan War.

Egyptian Underworld

This is a background I made for a game at work. In the Egyptian Underworld everything is upside down.

Trojan City and thumbnails


Here is a painting and the thumbnails I did for what Troy could look like for a game called Trojan War.

Beach House, Stinson Beach

Dreaming of my own house..Late night painting.

More Encounter Tiles

Here is more work I did for a game called Trojan War. These are encounter tiles, in the game there would be icons throughout the landscape each representing a battle. I added a figure to the top one, since it felt so desolate. More artwork to come from this game. 

Athens Encounter Tile

Here is a piece I did for a game called Trojan War. I learned so much from the Trojan art team. It was an amazing experience.  

Journey Landscape

It started out as a vague Little Red Riding hood story but then my talented friend  Carmen gave me some helpful critiques. The main thing she helped me to realize was that drama and contrast are good. My first sketch was a bit boring and lacked story. I like it much more now. 

Oakland Mountain View Cemetery Sketching

I went out with a bunch of friends to sketch at Mountain View Cemetery. I know, creepy right? Actually it was really awesome and not creepy at all! It was more like a huge, well maintained park. There were tons of people out jogging and walking their dogs. It was definitely worth the trip out to the East Bay. The Piedmont area is really enjoyable as well, with lots of restaurants and boutiques.